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Product FAQs

Do you have any sugar free chocolates?

At this time we offer our 62% Sugar Free Dark Bar

How long do your chocolates last? How quickly should they be consumed upon receiving?

  • For peak freshness, we recommend enjoying our bonbons within 2 weeks of receiving them. Our assortments contain fresh ganache, which typically has a 2 - 4 week shelf life. Also included in our assortments are caramels which has a longer shelf life of 4-6 weeks.
  • The shelf life of other confections we produce varies by product.

Product Shelf Life

  • Boxed Collections (Bonbons): 2 - 4 weeks
  • Chocolate Bars with nuts: 4 months
  • Chocolate Bars/Tiles with milk chocolate: 6 months
  • Chocolate Bars/Tiles with dark chocolate: 8 months
  • Chocolate Bars/Tiles with white chocolate: 6 months
  • Orange Slices/Orange Peel: 4 months
  • Ginger: 6 months
  • Caramel Corn: 6 months
  • Nuts: 6 months
  • Pate de Fruits: 6 months
  • Chocolate Pearls: 6 months
  • Mendiants: 6 months
  • Drinking Chocolates: 8months
  • PB&J Bar: 4 months
  • PB Pretzel Balls: 4 months
  • Strawberry Chocolate Strawberries: 4 months

Do I need to refrigerate my chocolates? How long are they good for? 

We recommend storing your chocolates at room temperature (below 75 degrees Fahrenheit), out of direct sunlight.

Which products contain peanuts?

  • Bon Bons: PB Krunch and PB&J
  • Bars: PBJ Bar
  • Confections: PB Pretzel Balls

Do your products contain preservatives or artificial ingredients?

We do not use preservatives or artificial ingredients in any of our products.

Do any of your chocolates contain alcohol?

  • A few of our chocolates do contain alcohol for flavoring. Typically, it is a very small percentage of 2-4%. For a 10 gram chocolate, that would equal about 1/3 of a gram. Below is a list of our chocolates and products than contain alcohol:
  • Grand Marnier Bon Bon - Grand Marnier
  • Amaretto Bon Bon - Disaronno Amaretto Liqueur
  • Banana's Foster Bon Bon - Dark Rum
  • Caribbean Caramel Bon Bon - Dark Rum
  • Mint Pie Bon Bon - Creme de Menthe Liqueur
  • Mojito Bon Bon - White Rum
  • Pina Colada Bon Bon - White Rum
  • Port with Fig Bon Bon - Port Wine
  • Almond Tile - Kirsch Cherry Liqueur

Do you use peanuts or other types of nuts in your facility?

Yes, some of our products do contain nuts or nut butters. These bon bons and confections are made on the same equipment as our products without nuts. Although we are constantly cleaning our production equipment, if you have a severe peanut or nut allergy, we recommend you do not consume our products or visit our facility.

Are your products certified kosher?

No, at this time, our products are not certified kosher.

Where do you source your chocolate and is it fair-trade sourced?

We source our chocolate primarily from Valrhona Chocolate from France (over 95% of our chocolate is from Valrhona). You can view Valrhona's information regarding fair trade on their website https://inter.valrhona.com/en

Which of your bon bon's contain gluten?

Currently, the only bon bon's that contain gluten are our Hazelnut, Mint Pie, Apple Pie and Biscotti.

General & Ordering FAQs

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we do not ship internationally

What is your return policy?

We inspect each product thoroughly before it is shipped to ensure it is in perfect shape. Because of the perishable nature of our products we are not able to provide refunds or exchanges for products that are lost, damaged or is melted due to weather extremes. We do use insulated boxes and gel packs to protect the product but prolonged exposure to heat can result in melted product. This exposure may be due to shipping that takes more than 2 days or being left outside in extreme heat. If you receive product that is damaged please email us at info@williamdeanchocolates so we can follow up with you.

Do you have a retail location?

Yes, we have 2 retail locations in the Tampa Bay area. Our first shop is located at 2790 West Bay Drive, Belleair Bluffs FL 33770 and our newest store is at 3657 Midtown Drive, Tampa Fl 33607 in the new Midtown Tampa development.

Where can I submit requests for donations?

We are proud to work with a number of local/national organizations such as the Ryan Wells Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis, Suncoast Hospice to name a few. Typically, we consider charitable donations at the end of the year for the upcoming year. If you represent a charitable organization and would like to considered for a donation, please submit your request to info@williamdeanchocolates.com.

Do you offer local delivery/courier services?

At this time we do not offer local delivery or courier service but ship via UPS/FedEx or USPS.

Do you offer corporate discounts?

Yes, we do offer corporate discounts on orders over $1000. For questions about a corporate discount, please email info@williamdeanchocolates.com .

Do you wholesale your products?

We have a limited number of wholesale clients and do not offer seasonal wholesale prices. If you are interested in becoming a wholesale customer please email info@williamdeanchocolates.com .

Can I checkout to multiple addresses?

At this time you may only order for delivery to one address. You would need to place multiple orders for multiple addresses. If you have a large number of gifts to send out to multiple addresses you can email info@williamdeanchocolates.com for other options.

Can I add a gift message?

Yes, you can add up to a 240 character message when you place your order. Just add the message to the XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Do you offer gift wrapping?

At this time we do not offer gift wrapping but don't worry, our boxes are some of the most beautiful in the industry.

Can't find an answer?

Contact our customer support through the contact page and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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